SMILE. That's my mission. To get you to smile. I've always felt if I can get ONE person to smile daily, my day was spent well. So why not get many people to make many people smile?

Years ago, my husband and I decided to give each other a homemade gift for Christmas. I quickly came up with my plan and emailed all that know him asking for up to five memories, well wishes, or compliments for him. Soon I had enough to make his Smile Box and got to work.

My rules were simple: every morning, he would withdraw one, and ONLY one from the box and open and read it. He had enough for about three months and started his morning every day with a laugh, or at the very least, a smile. To this day, my husband says that was the best gift he has ever received.

So now it's your turn! Think of someone that you would like to see smile, daily. Everyone deserves it. Whether they are in a place in their life where just a little smile could brighten their day, or someone you feel is always there for others but not thought of themselves enough. Or just to simply show them what they mean to those around them.

WE ALL DESERVE A SMILE! In a world that has become more and more gray, let's do our part to add a little brightness to it!