"This is a gift I'm always so excited to participate in but always quietly wished I would receive one. Well it happened. I received one. I would post a pic of myself but I literally can’t stop crying! This gift is so much more then a box and some wrap. It hits the part of you that gives you goose bumps. Priceless!! I really didn’t think I would cry but here I am a complete mess and I haven’t even read any messages yet.... so I’m sure more happy crying to come xoxo."

"I was the recipient of a box of smiles and it came from my best friend of a billion years. And it came at just the right moment. On a day I was feeling down, here came this box filled with memories, reminders of folks I don't see often enough, stories to make me laugh, and words of affirmation to reassure me that I am never alone in this world.

The box was also a reminder to me that words carry weight. They have the power to transform and shape lives. And that we don't often enough share the positive ones with those we love the most. I am not a patient person, so I will admit, I read them all at once. But the box sits next to my bed and every time I need a pick-me-up, the box is ready to deliver just that.

In today's rapidly changing digital climate, this lasting gift of love feels like an incredibly special gesture of tangible and personal support."

"I did this for my very best friend in the universe, and it made her day <3

This product is personal, thoughtful, affordable, and so easy to create! My FAVORITE part is how quickly the online smile submission process is ~ it takes one actual minute!

This is a perfect gift for SO MANY occasions: holidays, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, housewarming, sympathy, graduation, going away, retirement, and especially for no reason at all ;) The opportunities to make someone smile are limitless!

You will not regret making this your go-to gift!"

"It is truly an amazing idea. Who doesn't want daily messages as a reminder that they're loved. Great for deployment , family far away, messages from a loved one after they pass. I love it so much."

"Best way to start the day. So uplifting! I’m excited to read it every day."

"My husband put a box together for me, for my birthday. It is amazing, I absolutely love it. Thank you to my husband and Yourdailysmiles."

"What a special, unique idea! The perfect gift - I have been enjoying it every day."

"Such a great and unique idea, easy to do and it's so hard to keep the secret!!!! Thank you so much for creating this amazing gift that keeps on giving, will be doing many more."

"I gave one of the boxes to my sister for her birthday and she LOVED IT! She actually hasn't been able to only open 1 per day! This gift is much better because it's so thoughtful and people take the time out of their day to contribute. When I wrote my smiles for her, I actually smiled myself. You won't go wrong with this gift."

"This was a perfect gift for my hard-to-buy-for and difficult-to-surprise husband. He genuinely enjoys the daily surprise. He’s having fun seeing who took the time to respond and reading what they chose to share - memories, quotes, words of thanks, words of wisdom. All smile-worthy. I will definitely send more Daily Smiles!"

"More than a smile... after watching my husband laugh so hard tears were streaming down his face, I knew it was the perfect gift and the perfect way to let him know how much we love him!"